Atwari and “Vewa” Parba

-कैलारी अनलाइन

शनिवार, ६ भाद्र 3:52 PM

I just enter the living room. My father and my mother were discussing something about “Atwari”. I was hearing their conversation and I got an idea to write this article. I was bit confuse about this topic so my father gave some idea.

Atwari is a holy festival of TharuCommunity. Atwari is celebrated especially by the Tharu community in the western Terai of Nepal. The AitwarParba is also celebrated for brother and sisterhood. It celebrates generation to generation by the ancestors.It is only celebrated one day in a year and the day is always same Sunday. It falls in month of (Bhaddra). When the Astimki (Krishna Janastami) festival is celebrated after 2 week Sunday; AtwariFestival is celebrated.

Our ancestor’s belief in “Mahabharata Stories”, we also belief in “MahabharataStories” but our ancestor built a story that. One day, five Pandavswent to (banbash). They found a small village and they settled there. There was a huge giant monster and the monster always destroys the villager’s fields, always eat the barley,disturb, harsh and bother to women too.

One day, five Pandavs were preparing their food a man came and told to Pandav brothers that the monsterwas destroying everything and troubling women then Bhim went to help the villagers and Bhim fought and conquest the monster.Bhimprotected the life of villagers and dignity of women. Bhim also found Villagers were living with foods and hungry from more days due to giant monster’s distresses. He gave foods to them which he had.

From that day Atwari was celebrated. Why this festival named “Atwari” because when the Bhim defeat the monster, the day was Sunday (Aitabar). From that day women call Bhim as their brother because he protected them from the giant monster and women think that he was their brother so, he help them and in Tharu language brother is called as “Vewa”, our ancestor believe and my father also told methis story but I am not sure about it.

In AtwariParba, people woke up before the cock sounded (kukurika) at 1am to 4 am in SaturdayNighttime. And they prepare many items to eat. That time is called as “VansaryaKhana”.If they will eat after the cock sounded (kukurika) then it will be bad luck or (Jutho).

Then the next day Sunday (atwari festival)Men and women celebrate fast. Especially men fast; they didn’t eat anythingwholea day even water too. At evening time they worship and then eat foods likes Bariya, Khurma, Anddik Roti, fruits, curd, milk, sweets, Honey  and many more but without salt before the sunset and after sunset they are not allowed to eat not even the water and again before eating food they put out the food for their sisters.

The next day Monday, they prepare rice and 5, 7, 9 or 11 types of foods and cook delicious vegetables likes rice Fulauri, Khariya, Siddhra, KerauGuda, PoinkaSaagetc… to eat and again before eating foods they put out the food for their sisters. The day is called “Farrar“.

The food which was put out from the brother’s food is gifted to their sisters. And sister also returns the food to her brother. In tharu language the gifting (Kosheli) process is called as “Agrashan“. The Agrashan (Kosheli) is especially given to their married sisters.

I don’t know much about the AtwariParba but I had written what I understand and I thought. Also my father gave me some ideas about it and it was also bit hard.

I like a thing (ritual) about this festival that is in many festival women take fast for a long life to their husband or something else but in this festival men should take fast.

Yup women always take fast, why men didn’t take a fast for their wife for a long life? I don’t know the answer, if I am wrong that men should also take fast then I apologies and I am sorry but in my opinion men also should take fast.

A few days ago, I wrote an article about GurahiParbaand many people liked it and in that article I written that we should preserve and promote our culture and tradition. Did anyone preserve their culture? Or just clicking the photos and posting in social media and caption will be “today’s day, today’s photo shoot or proud to be Tharu”.

Now, the question will arise in your mind that clicking photos with traditional dress is also a preserving of culture and it is also not bad.

Yup, it is also a fact of preserving the culture and tradition and I am also not telling that posting photos with tradition dress is bad but people are just posting without the knowledge of culture and tradition. They just click some photos for the enjoyment and just post in social media without aware of their culture.

They didn’t know what culture means. Do I know?? I also don’t know what exactly culture means. I am also a part of society. You may think that I just write what I want and I am just faking. No, I am not faking and I am preserving my tradition and culture by my own self. And you also should.

If I am wrong, I will obviously apologies but this only my opinion.

Axis Vidyasharam Dhangadhi Kailali, Grade-7

थप सम्बन्धित समाचार